Cell Culture Technology Group, February 2015

In recent years the significance of animal cells has increased considerably. Beside the utilisation of permanent cell lines for the production of complex recombinant proteins – which had a global sales volume of more than 60 billion US dollars in the last year -  new approaches to tissue engineering and stem cell biology contribute to this increasing significance due to their social, medical and economic implications. A sustaining development in cell culture technology requires an integration of functional genomic analysis and bioinformatics with the currently domineering disciplines of cell biology, molecular biology and biochemical engineering. This linkage is of decisive significance to foster the development from a predominantly experimental empiric and descriptive discipline to a model and theory based science.

In this context our research group is working on rational bioprocess development for the production of biopharmaceuticals with mammalian cells and on the development and optimization of functional genomics techniques for cell culture technology.

On the following pages you find more information on our research areas, our team and on the technical equipment.

Breaking News:

20.09.17 09:13

New manuscript accepted in Journal of Biotechnology

DNA methylation in CHO cells

Wippermann A, Noll T


Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells...

28.03.17 16:09

New manuscript accepted in Journal of Biotechnology

Label-free protein quantification of sodium butyrate treated CHO cells by ESI-UHR-TOF-MS


28.11.16 14:23

New manuscript accepted in Journal of Biotechnology

Integrative analysis of DNA methylation and gene expression in butyrate-treated CHO...