28.03.17 16:09 Age: 3 yrs

New manuscript accepted in Journal of Biotechnology


Label-free protein quantification of sodium butyrate treated CHO cells by ESI-UHR-TOF-MS

Müller B, Heinrich C, Jab, W, Kaspar S, Schmidt A, Rodrigues de Carvalho N, Albaum SP, Baessmann C, Noll T; Hoffrogge R.


Effects of butyrate on CHO producer cells are contradictory, promoting productivity and at the same time repressing proliferation. Though in previous omics studies the background of butyrate impact on producer cells has been investigated it still remains unclear what exactly leads to the increased protein production. As hitherto existing proteomic results on this field are mainly based on 2DE-gels, we conducted a label-free MS quantification, based on fast high resolution ESI-MS and a straight forward software solution, to gain insight in shifted cellular processes of CHO cells 25 h after butyrate treatment. 118 proteins or subunits with significantly altered abundances were identified suggesting changes in carbohydrate, protein metabolic and cell cycle processes. Effects of butyrate on nucleosome assembly as known direct epigenetic influence on HDAC activity turned out to be unexpectedly fast and persisted, as confirmed by Western blots of histone-H4 acetylation. Contradictory to increased cell specific productivity, most elements of protein metabolism exhibited decreased levels after butyrate treatment.