Montag 28. of November 2016 Louise Brachtvogel received best poster award

Louise Brachtvogel, master student in our group, received the best poster award for her poster entitled "IP-based and untargeted MS-SILAC approach for the investigation of IGF/mTOR signaling in high producer CHO...

Dienstag 06. of September 2016 New manuscript accepted in Nature Immunology

MUC1 modulates the tumor immune microenvironment through the engagement of Siglec-9

Beatson R, Tajadura-Ortega V, Achkova D, Picco G, Tsourouktsoglou TD, Klausing S, Hillier M, Maher J, Noll T, Crocker PR,...

Donnerstag 14. of Juli 2016 New manuscript published in BEJ

Valeric acid supplementation combined to mild hypothermia increases productivity in CHO cell cultivations

Coronoel J, Klausing S, Heinrich C, Noll T, Figueredo-Cardero A, Castilho LR

Biochemical Engineering Journal (2016),...

Mittwoch 15. of Juli 2015 New manuscript published in BioBio


Process Boundaries of Irreversible scCO2-assisted Phase Separation in Bi-Phasic Whole Cell Biocatalysis

Brandenbusch C, Glonke S, Collins J, Hoffrogge R, Grunwald K, Bühler B, Schmid A, Sadowski G

Biotechnology &...

Mittwoch 01. of April 2015 Anna Wippermann erhält den Science Fair-Preis 2015

Anna Wippermann, Doktorandin unserer Arbeitsgruppe erhielt am 26. März beim Bielefelder Nachwuchswettbewerb 'Science fair'  für ihren Beitrag mit dem Titel "DNA-Methylierung in CHO-Zellen" den Sonderpreis in...

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