Donnerstag 19. of Juli 2012 Tobias Thüte and Sebastian Scholz successfully finished their PhD theses

Tobias Thüte (12th July) and Sebastian Scholz (19th July) successfully finished their PhD theses.

The titles of the theses that will both be published within our institut's book series (Bielefelder Schriften zur...

Donnerstag 19. of Juli 2012 New manuscript accepted

How can measurement, monitoring, modelling and control advance cell culture in industrial biotechnology?

Carrondo M, Alves P, Carinhas N, Glassey J, Hesse F, Merten OW, Micheletti M, Noll T, Freitas Oliveira RM, Reichl U, Staby...

Dienstag 03. of Juli 2012 Bielefelder Schriften zur Zellkulturtechnik: 4th volume published

The fourth volume of our book series 'Bielefelder Schriften zur Zellkulturtechnik' has been published.

The title of the book authored by Betina da Silva Ribeiro is 'Metabolic and bioprocess engineering of production cell lines...

Freitag 01. of Juni 2012 Best Paper Award 2011

Our publication Niklas J, Schräder E, Sandig V, Noll T, Heinzle E (2011), Quantitative characterization of metabolism and metabolic shifts during growth of the new human cell line AGE1.HN using time resolved metabolic flux...

Montag 06. of Februar 2012 New manuscript accepted

Utilisation and evaluation of CHO-specific sequence databases for mass spectrometry based proteomics


Paula Meleady, Raimund Hoffrogge, Michael Henry, Oliver Rupp, Juan Hernandez Bort, Colin Clarke, Karina Brinkrolf, Shane...

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