Courses given by the Institute for Cell Culture Technology


Bachelor program 'Molecular Biotechnology'

1. Term:

‚Biotechnology I‘ (Introduction to Biotechnology)


3. Term:

Excercise ‚Biotechnology IIa‘ (preparation for practical course in the 4th term)


4. Term:

Biotechnology IIb‘ (Cell Culture Technology and Downstream Processing)

Practical course ‚Biotechnology Ib
- Introduction to mammalian cell culture
- mass transfer in bioreactors
- Mikroscopy
- Introduction to chromatography


5. Term:

Exercise‚Biotechnology III‘ (preparation for practical course in the 6th term)


6. Term:

Practical course ‚Biotechnology IIb
- Stirred vessel fermentations in stirred tank bioreactor
- process control (PID controller)
- process analytics (substrates, metabolites, recombinant protein)
- cell separation and protein isolation


Bachelor thesis



Master programme 'Molecular Biotechnology'

Specialization including practical course:

- Cell Culture Technology

- Process analytics (e.g. metabolomics and proteomics)

- Glycobiotechnology

- Protein purification


Specialisation without practical course:

- Industrial biotechnology


Project work


Master thesis