Conference contributions


Cell Culture Engineering 2012:

Effect of high passage cultivation on CHO cells: a global analysis [download]
Beckmann TF, Krämer O, Klausing S, Heinrich C, Thüte T, Northoff S, Büntemeyer H, Hoffrogge R, Noll T

ESACT 2011:

A large delegation of our group participated at the ESACT conference in Wien from 15-18 May 2011 and presented 9 contributions. One of our posters, presented by Christoph Heinrich and Tim Beckmann ('Utilization of multifrequency permittivity measurements in addition to biomass monitoring') was selected for a short talk and for the final round of the ESACT poster prize and was awarded with the 6th place from 364 poster.


'Characterization of the human cell line - a systems biology approach' [download]
Scholz S, Lübbecke M, Rath A, Schäder E, Rose T, Büntemeyer H, Scheper T, Reichl U, Noll T

'Characterization of cultivation of the human cell line' [download]
Schräder E, Scholz S, Niklas J, Rath A, Platas-Barradas O, Jandt U, Rose T, Pörtner R, Reichl U, Zeng A-P, Heinzle E, Noll T

'Analysis of the mitochondrial subproteome of the human cell line AGE1.HN – a contribution to a Systems Biology approach' [download]
Schräder E, Scholz S, Sandig V, Hoffrogge R, Noll T

'Growth characterization of CHO DP-12 cell lines with different high passage histories' [download]
Heinrich C, Wolf T, Kropp C, Northoff S, Noll T

'Bioreactor cultivation of CHO DP-12 cells under sodium butyrate treatment - comparative transcriptome analysis with CHO cDNA microarrays' [download]
Klausing S, Krämer O, Noll T

'Proteomic and metabolomic characterization of CHO DP-12 cell lines with different high passage histories' [download]
Beckmann T, Thüte T, Heinrich C, Büntemeyer H, Noll T

'A method for metabolomic sampling of suspended animal cells using fast filtration' [download]
Volmer M, Gettmann J, Büntemeyer H, Noll T

'Utilization of multifrequency permittivity measurements in addition to biomass monitoring' [download]
Heinrich C, Beckmann T, Büntemeyer H, Noll T

ESACT 2009:

New application for an established luminescence based sensor system: monitoring pO2 and pH in shake flasks [download]
Heinrich C, Northoff S, Büntemeyer H, Noll T


Development and applicion of  fast and simple method for multiparallel chromatography parmeter testing [download]

Volmer M, Mulholland A, Siwiora-Brenke S, Noll T


Comparison of immobilization strategies for the production of immuno affinity chromatography for recombinant erythropoietin [download]

Siwiora-Brenke S, Fröbel J, Noll T


Extracellular metabolomics as a tool for comparison of cell lines and process development in animal cell culture [download]

Northoff S, Büntemeyer H, Keller M, Sonntag D, Noll T


Development of a new chemically defined medium for various animal cell lines [download]

Northoff S, Volmer M, Heinrich C, Thüte T, Büntemeyer H, Noll T


Non-targeted metabolic comparisonof production cell lines originated from different species [download]

Thüte T, Northoff S, Neuweger H, Sandig V, Noll T, Büntemeyer H


Process development and media optimisation for a new vaccine-producing avian cell line [download]

Scholz S, Northoff S, Sandig V, Jordan I, Noll T


Characterization of cultivation and initial proteome analysis of the novel human cell line AGE1.HN [download]

Schräder E, Hoffrogge R, Sandig V, Noll T